May Flowers & Mothers Day!

The old adage - April Showers bring May Flowers....hummmm here's a twist to the adage - we woke up to snow this AM...a beautiful layer of white sprinkled over colorful tulips and green grass on the golf course.

Some questions to ponder about our wonderfully complex Creation: 

  Why does the sun make us happy and dark gloomy days make us sad?

      Why do colors change so much with different amounts of sunlight throughout the day?

          Isn't it fitting that Mothers day is in May  - the month of flowers?

Lots to ponder whilst we try to take a week off for the 1st time in 2 years....yes I slept for the better part of 3 days...ok more like crashed for 3 days...It's like I'm just now am coming out of hibernation.... 

Donna's Spring designs are as unique as the art process we use to make the fabrics....She has many flower Motifs within her Spring 2015 Color Stories....

  • Dream of a distant Wold Famous Beach and see frangipanis in the fruit-cocktail of color in Copacabana
  • Escape to mystical places with the Floristic shades in Vintage Bali
  • Botanical Beauty combines Artistic Contemporary Flowers combined with Butterflies in 

We are adding more product daily so check back often...and by the way HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!  and ENJOY the Flowers!

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