Get to Know us TV8 interview - A tour of our newest Young Colors flagship store in Beaver Creek.

Our Grand Opening during the Beaver Creek Art Festival was an amazing success.  Donna did the Batik Art Demo with over 125 kids – it was a great weekend!

I thought I we could take this opportunity to answer a key question everyone asks Donna and I…What is your background?  And how did you start the business?

Here is the actual TV video feed posted on You Tube:

August 14, 2015 

Here is the transcript:

It all started 25 years ago when Donna and I met in College – Messiah College in PA.  We got married and a month later moved west to attend Grad School in AZ – Thunderbird the American Graduate School of International Management.  We lived across the street – Donna worked for the Dean of Students and Housing.  After grad school we took an expat package working for a Retail organization in the Far East….the brand was Esprit plus 2 toy stores.  We were GM and Retail Manager for an 8 store family business…the owners were retired in the South of France and at 26 yrs old we ran the 54 person company, traveled all over Asia for 2.5 yrs.

After that job we backpacked Southeast Asia for 2.5 months – I was interviewing for jobs in Business Development and Donna to start a small business.  Well we visited Bali and found the Art Process of Batik.  I turned down a lucrative expat package and we both jumped in full time.  Donna started designing Childrens clothing and accessories.  Donna has a gift for color, style and fashion.  From a young age her and her Mom would go to the fabric shop, buy patterns and fabric and go home to start mixing and matching, changing the patterns…from a young age she learned no limits to fashion and style.

We started this business 17 years ago - We have no idea building a brand would be this challenging.  We started designing and wholesaling servicing the best boutiques in the country….we did it the old fashion way – we drove from store to store finding boutiques to carry our products.  It is just this year that we stopped the traveling – We have traveled @ 1 million miles to build the company. 

5 years ago we started opening Young Colors stores…1st store was in Salida - an outlet to clear end of season goods…but now we are aggressively opening Flagship Retail Stores….so far ski resorts have been the key…as we service a boutique guests from all over the world.   Donna loves the planning and merchandising…I enjoy new store openings and the related logistics.  It is a blast to see our brand on the Beaver Creek Village….pinch me – we get to ski and sell kids clothes.

Come on by and visit us...Get to know us!  We are located at the bus stop by the Covered Bridge in the Beaver Creek Village.

Rob & Donna Prescott

owners, designers & shopkeepers

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