TV8 Good Morning Vail - Building our Brands - Young Colors Beaver Creek

TV8 Good Morning Vail - Building our Brands - Young Colors Beaver Creek.

Here’s the actual interview video:

This is the transcript August 28, 2015

We are often asked how we built our small business.  The TV8 Interview in a series called Get to know us….What does it take to build a brand?

Here we are standing in our newest flagship Beaver Creek @ the covered took us 17 yrs of designing and wholesaling to get here and 5 yrs in Retail

We are Entrepreneurs.  We started our brands from the ground up.

Dr Fran Jabara from Wichita State University defines Entrepreneurship using the 4 R's

Risk for Reward ones Reputation and Resources.  Here’s what it takes to build a brand:

  1. Work ethic...7 days a week, be a farmer and a truck driver...up @5AM....bed @ 11PM...yesterday...Denver Bank meetings and I picked up a shipment at the airport. It takes pure work…for example we have visited 42 States, travelled almost 1 mill miles in 17 grandfather always said...”the harder I work the more luck I seem to have"
  2.’s who you know or who you can call. Donna and I’s 1st home as a married couple was while attending Thunderbird the School of Global Management. TBird's network is amazing.  We have 40,000 Tbirds across the Globe in all fields -  connections, places to stay, expertise in fields (banking, manufacturing, to getting local guidance in Vietnam, HK, Peru)
  3. Hire talented staff...better at their job then you are.
  4. Be Practical & Creative...our company has weathered the Asian Economic Crises, 911, 2008 Recession
  5. ..I am a church Tourist...during my visits to Houston....Joel Osteen says..."A setback is a Setup for a Comeback" positive attitude...and knowing no matter what occurs there is a plan...a purpose to what we do. Dealing with adversity helps you grow...prepares you for life, helps you learn life's lessons.

Come on by and visit us...Get to know us!  We are located at the bus stop by the Covered Bridge in the Beaver Creek Village.


Happy Birthday Donna! 

Rob Prescott

owners, designers & shopkeepers

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