Lessons Learned from Artist William Boddy

We lost a very good friend this past week - Artist William Boddy passed away in his Art Studio in Salida Colorado 

RIP 9.6.15

Here are our notes as we reflect:

Donna & I learned some invaluable lessons...we spent a lot of time with William in recent years...in the last 1½ yrs, William was our key person in opening and closing 7 Retail Stores. These 3 day project packed days stretch a person to the limits....we are forever grateful and thankful for his investing in us!

  1. Empathy...he related to people...willing to invest in helping people thru challenges in life
  2. Sharing...he did not harbor knowledge or skills...tools, paint brush, methods, short cuts
  3. Fun loving & Free spirited...creative, fun, embraced challenges with a keen awareness...yet with a calm and lack of stress or frustration.
  4. Hard worker...he knew what opening a store meant...he'd show up early morning with tools and a bedroll...we worked long days to open in short order...often sleeping in the back of the store or a friend's house.
  5. Problem solver...retrofitting, repairs, negotiating gov’t regulations...as I would go into meetings he was on standby as a lifeline by phone...my most recent meeting @ the design review board I dressed in my paint clothes and carried in a bucket of paint...William laughed
  6. Tough as nails...But always there...a shoulder to cry on or an ear to let you vent
  7. Stop & Smell the Roses....he Loved a treat now and again...carrot juice, cashews, a scoop of ice-cream...a 5 minute pull over or break to look up, enjoy a sunset, admire a snow slide, study a mountain ridge...
  8. He understood people....he Understood me...an Entrepreneur, a dreamer, hard worker...William could relate to many types of people and personalities
  9. Patient...taught as he worked, or as he painted, little 6 yr old Pablo learning the meaning of "Rustic"...as we retrofitted old barn wood and pallets into the stores and signs
  10. Honorable...the Beaver Creek Sign was made too big – he on his own time drove to up to the shop and cut the sign down to the correct size - that was above and beyond the expectation!
  11. Peacemaker, Moderator, Connector, Unifer....often William was involved in decisions between Donna and I – being the 3rd wheel during stressful 3 day store openings can be difficult....but all was always resolved and with best outcome possible
  12. Willing to help...William called me 1 night as I was driving back from Denver with a large shipment...he genuinely asked "How's your day?" I said crappy...as I just broke down...without hesitation..."well I'll bring my truck and come get you"....he did....he and a police officer helped transfer the boxes into his truck....as we pulled into Salida....we realized his gas gauge was on empty...we coasted into the gas station on fumes w/ smiles on our faces...

William...we will miss you....we cherish the moments we had...and look forward to meeting you in Heaven!

Rob & Donna Prescott - owners, designers & shopkeepers


 Front Page of the Mountain Mail: http://m.themountainmail.com/mobile/free_content/article_c308ec1e-5579-11e5-97ea-27f651a7411f.html

This photo is on the front page of our local paper the Mt Mail.

Interesting - William is wearing one of Donna's designs - the elf hat...

The image behind him is one of Williams paintings - it hangs in our Cowboys & Daisies store in Breckenridge.

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