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Business Watch Vail Daily September 17, 2015

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Business name:

Young Colors


Beaver Creek Village – next to the Beaver Creek covered bridge

Date opened:

Soft opening - July 10th, 2015

Grand opening – August 1st and 2nd, 2015


Robert & Donna Prescott

owners, designers and shopkeepers (as their business card states)


Contact Information: 

26 Avondale Lane

Suite 216A (by the covered bridge)

Beaver Creek, CO 81620



What goods or services do you provide?

Colorado designers Robert and Donna Prescott started Young Colors in 1998 with a dream to outfit children in fun, age-appropriate, original designs and to build an international brand. Our clothing and accessories for children are available in more than 3000 boutique stores in 47 states. The spirited, innovative brand has gained tremendous popularity since its beginning in 1998. The company, started by husband and wife team Rob and Donna Prescott, has the vision of bringing fun products created using indigenous art processes to the children's industry.  Playful colors and hand-designed motifs have an important role in Young Colors products.  The clothing also helps kids expand their understanding of the world around them and of how and where things come from.  In addition to children’s clothing, Young Colors also offers great children’s accessories, gifts, and toys that make a stop in to the store a good time for everyone!

From Colorful Colorado...where the wildflowers are in full bloom!

 What¹s new or exciting at your place?

After years of building up a loyal customer base, the Young Colors store in Beaver Creek has celebrated it’s Grand Opening and we happily join the host of wonderful stores in one of Colorado’s best resorts. We are brand new to the Vail Valley and could not be more excited to be here!  In the first month and a half of being open, Young Colors has been featured on TV8's Good Morning Vail on four separate occasions and we are connecting with locals and tourists alike. Guests are visiting from around the country, and around the world to check out all of our unique brands. We have loved meeting guests who are already familiar with our brands and so far we have had guests in from Baton Rogue that shop at Oh Baby, from Houston that frequent Bering’s stores, Jacksonville Florida that shop at Pineapple Patch or Monkey Barrel, and our product has been spotted all the way up to Kennebunkport Maine at Next Generation.  Our 17-year history of designing and servicing the best boutiques in the country is paying off in this premier location in Beaver Creek next to the Covered Bridge.

With the store up and running, we have also recently released our fall collections - Cherry Pie for your cutie pie, Purple Pumpkins for your pumpkin, Retro Fall for your little trendsetter, and Western Days for your little rodeo king or queen.  These great new additions are perfect to get the kids styled out for back to school.  Along with our added new collections, we are running amazing specials on our Spring and Summer Collections right now.

What strategy do you use to differentiate your business from your


The Young Colors company is centered on helping their local community as well as supporting entire villages abroad. Working with multi-generational family owned manufacturers, artisans, crocheters, and knitters, Young Colors is able to help in ways that others can't. We have supported generations of families by supplying them with jobs, bettering their living and working environment, helping them revive their generational fabric artwork, and giving their children art supplies. We also partner with Art for the Nations on donation projects. Which the most recent is providing the communities we work with abroad, school supplies for their children and cookware for their homes. These are the items they said they needed the most and would be the biggest help to each family that we employ.  

The clothes you can find at Young Colors are not clothes that can be bought at a big brand store for many reasons. To start, all the fabrics and clothing we offer tell a story. We believe that people are curious by nature and enjoy learning where and how these products are created.  Also, Rob and Donna remain close with all the people that work for them all over the world. That alone is remarkable.

Beyond that, Donna’s talent for design also sets us apart. She conceptualizes our fabrics and creates different designs in different colors, motifs, and body styles.  She also designs all of her clothing in Color Stories, which are themes for guests to mix and match and to build a full wardrobe.

All the clothes you will find at Young Colors are also sized according to age and are pre-washed and pre-shrunk before they are cut to ensure that the clothes maintain their size while your child is growing. We use the highest quality cottons and fabrics available in our clothing as well, so comfort and fashion can be found in one.

And, on top of all that, there is the Cute Factor! These clothes are just down right adorable; let us dress up and accessorize your child and you can see for yourself.

What philosophy do you follow in dealing with your customers? What can

your customers expect from you?

Each and every customer is a friend that we hope to have, not just a transaction. As a small business, we strive to build relationships with our guests and they are always our top priority. You will certainly catch us opening early or closing late if we have a guest who wants to take a peek.

We also strive to have every guest who enters the store, leave with more knowledge than they entered with. Our product tells a story and has a unique history that we wish to share with our customers. People want to know why our product is special, and we want to tell them!

We want guests to know, we are a Colorado company and by supporting us they are also supporting local business. We want to share with them our travels and our tales. We want them to hear about the inspiration of each color story. We even keep batik stamps in our stores so we can demonstrate our art process. Our clothing becomes so much more than just that once you know its history and the true art behind it.

Our customers are also so special to us and are unique to our business because of their children. We have many families who have been outfitting their children in Young Colors apparel from infancy and who remain as loyal customers all the way into their child’s “tween” years. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is committed and able to not only help guests find what they are looking for, but also help them think in advance. Children are constantly growing and Young Colors is committed to growing with your children. We keep in touch with customers regarding launching new collections and keep customers up to date with products we know they love.

Tell us a little about your background, education and experience:

When Donna and Rob Prescott started their journey together after they met at Messiah College in Pennsylvania, they couldn’t imagine where they would be at now.  Donna always knew she had a passion for fashion and design and her mother cultivated her passion at a young age. She was taught to think outside of the box and to let her creativity know no bounds. She continued to find herself drawn to the fashion world as the years passed, and eventually Donna and her husband were blessed with the opportunity to pursue a business venture that allowed her to express her creativity and make it into a profitable business.

After attending grad school at Thunderbird School of Global Management, the two took their first job as expats in the Far East. Eventually, their trips through South East Asia took them to where Donna and Rob were first introduced to the art of Batik. This spurred some of Donna’s first creations and soon she was making children’s clothing. While continuing their travels, Rob and Donna also added hand crocheted hats from Indonesia and hand appliqued t-shirts from Peru to their brand.

Donna designs all the fabrics and designs for the clothing for our Young Colors retail stores, while also juggling the responsibilities of working and owning a wholesale business and a corporation. She also recently opened a women’s clothing store, Cowboys and Daisies, in Breckenridge where she sells clothes that match her own unique style...a little bit of cowboy chic!

Robert graduated with an International Business degree from Thunderbird.  Included in his many entrepreneurial ventures is managing all production, logistics, shipping, financing and general business planning for the company.  In addition to his hard work behind the scenes, Rob is also frequently popping in all of our Colorado locations to interact with guests and lend a helping hand.  His hobby job and passion is teaching skiing…for 10 years he has specialized in teaching skiing to kids, families and seniors.  Now teaching for Vail Resorts Corporation he teaches at Breckenridge, Beaver Creek and Vail.

The dynamic couple has been at it for 17 years and they preserver to bring cute colorful clothing and accessories along with the best experience to all guests that visit the flagship stores.

What is the most humorous thing that has happened at your business since

you opened?

July 28th was a beautiful day up in Beaver Creek – sun shining, kids playing in the stream, and squirrels stopping in for some shopping. Our Key Sales Associate, Meagan, was behind the counter prepping for our Grand Opening, and a squirrel ran up behind the counter inside the store. Said squirrel has made three trips back to the store since his first visit because he just can’t get enough of Young Colors – we think he’s got the right idea!

Or late one night Robert was painting the Beaver Creek store preparing for the flagship store opening– about 11PM he saw a black bear on the covered bridge – and yes the bear cub waddled into the village….hummm wonder if the cub found the escalator?

Gotta love Colorful Colorado!

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