Just in Time for Christmas!

We just got in New Arrivals for Christmas!  It's been a crazy year, as we all know!  Supply chains in our business has been whacked out...but we do have some Comfy and Cozy new arrivals!


Donna is back in our Salida Boutique.  We can work with you via our website, text, phone or a combination. 

We are shipping Special Orders all over the states - here are  just a few this week.  
*a regular traveler to our cute town of Salida who found the perfect fitting men's leather vest for Christmas.
*4 grandkids in COMFY matching PJ's - (a warning the supply chain issue this year have been extremely challenging - so pls call us early!)
*CO based Hammonds hand made chocolates - we shipped a case of their favorite flavor to Texas.  NEW flavors just arrived
* a Package of goodies for the whole family - including rubber duckies, a gorgeous holiday plaid & velvet embroidered top, and fun kitchen towels!

We have great relations with our creative suppliers & have been working closely with them to be well stocked for the season.  Donna loves helping you, our customers!  If you can't make it to our new Salida shop contact us - we would love to catch up and personal shop for you and your loved ones!

New Arrivals this week:
*Cozy Fleece Blankets - buffalo plaid, Aztec patterns, 
*Fleece Snap Button Jackets for men & women  
*Comfy PJ's - Holiday Moose, Nordic Snowflakes, Trains, & more!
*Buttery Leather Purses
*Devotional Books - Devotions by the Mountains, Lake, Front Porch, Kitchen Table, Garden - what's your favorite spot?  

Donna and I are working solo so call us and we will help you navigate the holidays to be more joyful with unique gifts from Colorado.  Our website is ever evolving (and hopefully getting better!) and offers photos of several of our wonderful curated items from our talented friends, artists & designers.  We can send photos and details to make sure your order is accurate & just right!

As a small business we say thank you.
We truly appreciate your support!  
Rob and Donna Prescott
office 719.539.3812

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