Celebrating Mom's - our story

Mom's are special to everyone...but new perspectives become apparent as we are more isolated during this pandemic. Contemplating Moms brings back lots of memories and family time.

We are a Family business - we live together, work together for most of our 21 year business history. 

Caste members:

Donna - as owner, designer and shopkeeper

Rosemary as the "Mama"  - office manager and creative inspiration - celebrating 80 yrs this next year!

A trip down memory lane:

Designing clothing and fabric and a propensity to fashion started at 3 yrs old!  Mother Daughter creative times started early, buying fabric and patterns then changing them up early - Donna learned no limits in creativity in her developmental years.  I guess Martha Stewart rubbed off - she lived down the street and went to school with Papa John, Donna's Dad.

The business officially started in 1998 in Donna's Mom's garage in Chandler Arizona, our growth was dramatic.  We were designing and wholesaling to boutique shops across the country.  We had placement in the #1 catalog mail order business in the industry.  Rosemary (Donna's Mom) joined us our Office Manager and eventually we had clothes piled throughout the house, hallways etc.  We worked hard and played hard - always had family dinners at the kitchen table.  

We outgrew that space and eventually choose to move to Colorado.  Salida, the largest historic Town in Colorado became our home.  We purchased a fixer upper and as a family moved, renovated and ran the business simultaneously.  This time the ladies got to set up their own design studio, craft room and the creativity was robust!  Designing fabrics via hand made fabrics in Batik offers endless color combination and fun creative kids styles.    

Colorado allowed us to build the Retail brands.  We opened multiple stores in Cherry Creek North in Denver, Breckenridge Resort Town and the Beaver Creek Village.  What a privileged life we had!  We met guests from all over the Country and World.  We really enjoyed the time we had with our guests.

We laugh, we play, we work...Last year was a big deal for our family.  We were given a trip of a lifetime - a 2 week family adventure to Hawaii.  We explored fabric shops, hiked waterfalls, visited the Volcano National Park.  Family time and the memories are priceless!

We love our Moms!  This COVID 19 pandemic as decimated our business and livelihoods.  Yet we persevere working to reinvent ourselves.  The new website now has about 20% of our products loaded.  This week we focus on loading gifts for Mothers Day, just 2 weeks away.  It is so challenging to get the customized customer service we are so used to in our retail stores.  We are about to launch a new app to bundle and replicate the outfit making capabilities of a stylist!

If you care to check out our website - we would love your feedback.  And of course very much appreciate your patronage!  Free US Shipping use code "MomMay10th".  We need to ship by the 4th or 5th to get there in time!

Here is an idea:  Get a Gift Card - it's like a shopping spree, let Mom shop for herself!

Stay Safe and Enjoy the special times and memories with Mom!

Rob & Donna Prescott

owners, designers and shopkeepers

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