Vintage Girlfriend Gifts

When I found this vintage line of gifts in Dallas I was really impressed - beautiful items, perfect gal gifts, a little bling, a little sassy & fun, but like I do with any new line - who is behind it?  who is the designer?  what is their story?  So when I got back to my room that night I did my due diligence and some research.  Wow was I impressed even more with Tina and her story - read on!

Tina Basich is a renaissance woman. Among the most influential pioneers in snowboarding, she is an ambassador to the sport. Tina has been riding professionally since 1986. In the process she has been instrumental in putting women's snowboarding on the map and has helped spearhead womenea™ growing involvement not only in snowboarding, but in action sports as well.

Side Note: in my first conversation with Tina she shared how she won her first world championship in Breckenridge!  It was meant to be! 

... Tina has now downshifted her snowboarding career to focus 100% on her artistic creativity. Tina knows the importance of making each moment count. 

Its been a real pleasure to work with Tina these last couple of seasons - I even trust her when she says "I have to order this".  And she was right!  (and I admitted it to her!)  The new compact mirrors are wonderful  - she did a great job on them.   They each come with 2 mirrors - one is a magnifier &  the other regular.  They fold up and are perfect purse size!  

Then of course we have coin bags & wristlets each with cute little tassels & bling.  We have wine bags and wine stoppers, pillows, key chains, and 2 types of magnets.  Have fun shopping ladies!