art by amy saloon room key necklaces
art by amy saloon room key necklaces with heart
art by amy saloon room key necklaces

Saloon Room Key Necklaces

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The Saloon Room Key Necklace is such a fun conversational necklace.   All are guaranteed to be hilarious, but maybe a little PG needed.   All are saloon token replicas so not for children!   Adults only.    Choose with or without the red heart.   Saloon key tags are all different, but all super hilarious.

Amy & I met almost 20 years ago! Her creativity knows no bounds!  Neither does her hair with her bright pink highlights!  Every piece is hand-crafted by her.  Unique is an understatement when it comes to her necklaces.  Enjoy checking out each piece.

Note: Each piece is unique so might be a little different than in photograph.  

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