Karma Living Bucking Horse Embroidered Tea Towel

Bucking Horse Embroidered Tea Towel

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Bucking Horse Embroidered Tea Towel


Machine wash cold water 

 “Karma Living has specialized in textiles since the mid ‘90s, so we offer a wide variety of textures which result directly from the diversity of yarns as well as the weaving and knitting techniques that we use on each collection,” says Leo Kraidelman, company designer. His company works with textiles as varied as a blend of sheep and llama wool from South America, hand-stitched silk from Calcutta, and vintage mudcloth from West Africa. Textiles are a second skin for every human being,” says Kraidelman. “It’s what they use to cover, protect, what they use to connect with each other.” “Our artisans are our role models and guides. As we develop products that support what they do, the artisans produce even more exceptional work.” “With every purchase , our customers help keep beauty and tradition alive.”

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