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Animal Houses with 5 Plush Critters

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In our shops we have added fun accessories & gift items - like our cute plush animal houses & finger puppets. The West opened up because of the railroad.  Our Black Train Animal House features 4 iconic western critters - a black bear as conductor, and a moose, coyote, and bison riding along.  Choo choo!

We love our dogs here - and we have a brown and a pink dog house available.  Each features 5 different breeds of cute & cuddly plush stuffed dogs.  

Our castles come in 2 pretty colors - Pink Castle has Horses with braided manes.  The Lavender Castle is full of Unicorns.

We also have the traditional Red Barn full of 5 horses. 

This Noah's Ark has Noah, a Dove, 2 Elephants and 2 Giraffes.

A nod to our Western history can be found in the Tee Pee - with western animals including a bison, eagle, coyote, horse & black bear.

Our most popular animal house is the Log Tree House with "Colorado" critters - including our custom version always with a Blue Bird, chipmunk, raccoon, fox & black bear.

Forest House with Moose, Black Bear, Mountain Goat, Fox & Brown Bear

All approximately 12-13" high.

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