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Tea Towels - cute, fun, unique ones!

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Whatever product I bring into our stores I want to know the story behind it.  These adorable tea towels from Glory Haus are truly inspiring & we are proud to support this venture called Daughters of Hope, a fair trade company. 

Each item has been hand-made in by this social enterprise in the business of bringing hope to poor and often forgotten women in southern India.  Many of these women, who come from one of the largest slums in Bangalore, have not only had difficult lives but they have never been given a chance to better themselves or break the cycle of poverty from which they come.  Through Daughters of Hope, they receive not only employment, but training, education, benefits, childcare, and much more.  By purchasing this product, you are becoming one link in the chain of freedom that stretches to families all over southern India.   

Dimensions 17x25

So thank-you!  Let Hope Arise!  

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