Urban Cowboy Artisan Chocolate Leather Necklace

Urban Cowboy Artisan Chocolate Leather Necklace

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The Urban Cowboy Necklace is the perfect necklace to cowboy up any ensemble you have!   The 32 inch knotted tiny faux navajo pearls sport our handmade cowboy hat, a metalized piece of vintage hand tooled leather, and a fun long tassel with silver bead detail.  

Amy & I met almost 20 years ago! Her creativity knows no bounds!  Neither does her hair with her bright pink highlights!  Every piece is hand-crafted by her.  Unique is an understatement when it comes to her necklaces.  Enjoy checking out each piece.

Note: Each piece is unique so might be a little different than in photograph.  Example some antler necklaces the antler piece itself might be bigger or smaller than what we photographed.   That is a natural occurrence but the rest of it will be as shown.   

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