Pewter Badge - Buffalo Marshal
Pewter Badge - sheriff
Pewter Badge railway express official agent
Pewter Badge Texas ranger
Pewter Badge - pony express messenger
Pewter Badge - marshal
Pewter Badge sheriff
Pewter Badge US Marshal
Pewter Badge Sheriff plain
Pewter Badge  US Marshal plain

Badges Old West

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We offer a collection of Old West Badges based on historical replicas of the ones worn by such infamous Cowboys like Wyatt Earp & Wild Bill Hickok.  Hand caste of pewter right here in Colorado, USA.  

We pair the badges back with our Cowboy hats and a pair of cowboy boots - every little buck-a-roo's day dream to be a real cowboy!  Which one does your lil' dude want to be?  a Marshall?  a Sheriff?  

Let their imagination wander back to the old west and let's give them the props to do it!  We can pair the hat, badge & boots for you - just reach out to us with age & shoe size!  

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